Ring Hair Extensions Step

Ring Hair Extensions Step

Micro ring hair extensions is the latest trend in hair styling. It’s a method that many stylists are using for their clients who find sewing or gluing tedious and messy.

Also referred to as micro cylinders, using this method is especially good if you wear natural hair but desire hair extensions. Its completely safe to use and will keep your hair healthy and strong.

It is easy to apply, lightweight, and good for the hair in that there is no unnecessary pulling or snagging of your hair strands when removing your extensions.

Prepare Your Hair

Before you apply micro ring hair extensions, you must first ensure that your hair is free from oil, dirt, or styling products build up.

If you are in doubt, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If you have to condition your hair, use a mild conditioner that won’t cause a ‘build up’.

It is important that your hair extensions are applied to clean hair, most especially if you intend to wear the style for a few weeks.

Ensure your washed hair is completely dry before you start fixing.

Part your hair into four sections from front
tedhairs to nape of the neck and ear to ear. This makes it easier to work a section at a time. Use hair clips to hold each section in place and out of the way.

Beginning with a back section, divide out (in a straight line), about an inch of your hair. You can make your dividing lines parallel from the centre of your head.

Divide each 1 inch line into smaller sections.
tedshair These smaller parts are each going to be fitted with an extension.

Take one of the small portions of your hair, twist it and pass it through a loop that has a string and an attached micro ring. Now take the pre tipped hair extension and pass into the micro ring tube.

Slide the micro ring close to your scalp and close it with the closer tool. Once it’s flattened, the hair extension becomes firmly attached to your own hair.

Follow the same steps with each portion of your hair until you have covered the areas you want.

Applying micro ring hair extensions doesn’t take that long once you’ve mastered the art.

It may take a bit longer than pre taped or clip on extensions, but it sure produces a more permanent style that’ll last much longer. You can use this technique for short or long hair.

And the best thing you’ll love about these hair extensions they are flexible, allowing your hair to move naturally, just as you’re your hair does naturally.

Remember to leave a section in the front and sides undone, brush this over, so that the micro rings are concealed.

It’s now time to style your hair, whichever way you desire.

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